PM Imran directs governor of Sindh to reach consensus on the issue of IG 1

PM Imran directs governor of Sindh to reach consensus on the issue of IG


KARACHI: Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan on Thursday has directed Sindh governor Imran Ismail to resolve the matter of provincial Inspector General (IG) with consensus.

Based on the details, Prime Minister IG Kaleem asked Imam to continue to carry out its duties until further development.

After Sindh met IG Prime Minister Imran and informed him of his reservation with the provincial government, he responded. The security situation in the province was also discussed during the meeting.

Previously, members of the federal cabinet belonging to Pakistan’s Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) and the Grand Democratic Alliance (GDA) coalition partner expressed concerns about the transfer of Sindh IG Kaleem Imam.

The transfer was postponed after the federal cabinet transferred the case to Governor Sind Imran Ismail and Prime Minister Sind Murad Ali Shah.

Sources said that members of the Sindh government also raised concerns about the IG Sindh issue and then decided to consult further the governor and prime minister of Sindh to complete the IGP appointment.

As everyone knows, Kaleem Imam responded to some speculation that he had been removed from his post and said today that “he will not leave easily and that he has not been transferred yet”.

“Even if I was transferred, it gave me a (wrong) impression. Even if I were transferred, I still deserve to do it with gold,” he said during a ceremony in Karachi.

“A big conspiracy was built against me.

He added: “This ritual is considered my farewell ceremony … It seems that the Sindhi police are working to save the budget.”

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