PM Imran creates coronavirus relief fund 1

PM Imran creates coronavirus relief fund


Islamabad: During the announcement of the Coronavirus Relief Fund, Prime Minister Imran Khan said on Monday that he will win the war against the coronavirus through appropriate strategies. He said that any decision about blocking the entire country should not be rushed.

The prime minister said that a country that has succeeded in the fight against COVID-19 is China. China has imprisoned 20 million people in Wuhan to fight the virus.

“Perhaps we could also do that if we had an economy like China. Alas, we don’t,” he added.

“We are a country with 25% population living below poverty line. Then a number of people living right next to the poverty line, one blow, and they’ll be ousted into poverty. So, we are looking at the plight of at least 9-10 crore people.”

The prime minister said that India, our own neighbor, has blocked the entire country. Today, the Indian prime minister apologizes for locking him up for not having a good plan. India is in trouble. If they lift the blockade, the spread of COVID-19 will increase. If they don’t lift it, people will starve to death.

“The biggest question before us is that if we lockdown entire Pakistan today, can we even provide food to the most underprivileged people? If no, this lockdown will be a failure.”

The prime minister said it was wrong to treat corona patients as criminals. He said that coronaviruses are the deadliest for people with previous illnesses or old age. If they isolate themselves alone, peace can be restored.

About the Coronavirus Rescue Fund, Prime Minister Imran said, “This will be an account with the National Bank of Pakistan and you can deposit money on it the next day. Use this as a basis to obtain Tax Free.”

 “We are directing all NGOs and charities too so that all the charity does not accumulate in one region. But all the needy sections of society can benefit from it.”

“I remember when 2005 earthquake hit, and we were out working, I saw most NGOs distributed resources in one valley, the people of other valley were compelled to loot trucks. So, we’ve to make sure, things don’t accumulate in one region and other is left deprived.”

The prime minister said that Pakistan was established in accordance with the principles of the welfare state of Medina. We must ensure that we have the same spirit with Ansar as Mukhajlin. We have to take care of the daily bets we have to have at home due to lack of work.

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