PM Imran announces development plan of Rs1,100bn for Karachi

PM Imran announces development plan of Rs1,100bn for Karachi


Karachi: Prime Minister Imran Khan arrived in Karachi on Saturday and announced a three-year urban development plan worth Rs1,100bn. A week later, heavy rains flooded roads and power was cut in many areas for several days.

The Prime Minister said at a press conference in the Governor’s Palace that the “historic” 1.1 trillion rupees Karachi development plan will solve the city’s various problems from water supply, transportation to solid waste management.

Prime Minister Imran said he would have arrived in Karachi earlier, but it is important to first determine a structure to solve the long-term problems of the city.

“We have been put to another test,” he said, referring to the problems posed by the recent rains right after the government fought to contain the coronavirus pandemic and reported a decline in infections.

Prime Minister Imran praised the government for handling the pandemic well and said that few countries in the world deal with the pandemic like Pakistan.

PM Imran studied the government’s response to the coronavirus in depth. He said that in the same way, his government decided to establish the Provincial Coordination and Implementation Committee (PCIC), which will report to Chief Minister Sindh.

“It [PCIC] will include all stakeholders,” said the prime minister, adding that the army will play a big role. “In all the countries of the world the army is at the forefront of such situations as it is the most organised institution and the most capable.”

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