PM directs to formulate action plan for uplifting agriculture sector

PM directs to formulate action plan for uplifting agriculture sector


Islamabad: Prime Minister Imran Khan directed on Wednesday to propose a long-term and long-term action plan based on the timetable for agricultural sector improvement, production increase and sector modernization.

He hosted a meeting in Islamabad on Wednesday to review the reform of the agricultural sector, the improvement of agricultural products, and the steps taken to meet food security challenges.

He instructed to speed up the process of activating the National Food Safety Dashboard of the Ministry of Food Safety under the coordination of all provincial governments and relevant departments to obtain accurate, true and reliable data related to the production estimates of various commodities.

He also directed the establishment of an integrated and coordinated system among all stakeholders including research institutions, universities and other related departments. He also called for special attention when establishing special economic zones for agricultural products processing.

The Prime Minister emphasized the need to benefit and use China’s experience and expertise to increase crop production and modernize the agricultural sector. He also called for the reorganization of the agricultural ecological zone.

In view of population growth, the current status of agricultural production and the progress of the Prime Minister’s Agricultural Emergency Plan, the meeting briefly introduced the challenges facing food security.

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