PIA announces to begin Lahore-Skardu flight operation

PIA plane makes technical landing at Karachi airport: sources


KARACHI: A Dubai-bound Pakistan International Airlines’ (PIA) plane made a technical landing at Jinnah International Airport, Karachi, to onboard flight attendant, citing sources. 

According to detailed information, the flight took off from Lahore International Airport and made a technical landing at Karachi Airport to Dubai. The source said that the flight landed at the airport only to allow the flight attendants to board the plane.

Meanwhile, the passengers got furious over being late and exchanged words with the Pakistan International Airlines staff, said sources and added that passengers are not allowed to come out of the plane from the last two hours.

Last month, a private airline’s plane had to make an emergency landing at Jinnah International Airport, Karachi, minutes after it left for Islamabad, owing to a technical fault.

According to the details, a private airline passenger plane took off from Karachi, but was called back immediately after a technical failure was discovered.

The plane following the instructions of the air traffic controller has landed safely at Karachi Airport. While following COVID-19 precautions, passengers were initially transferred to the airport lounge.

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