PIA investigation team inspects plane crash site

PIA investigation team inspects plane crash site


Karachi: The seven-person investigation team of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) checked the location of the plane crash on Monday.

The team will estimate the cost of loss and prepare an accident report. The latest equipment will also be used to check the damage of nearby buildings and houses. The final report will be forwarded to the federal government.

Officials from the Civil Aviation Administration (CAA) and local administrations also attended the meeting.

At the same time, an Airbus fleet arrived in Karachi today to assist in investigating the crash of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flight PK-8303.

The French expert team will take a special Airbus 338 to reach Karachi Airport.

Experts and the Pakistani investigation team will visit the plane crash and will also learn about the plane crash at PIA headquarters.

A spokesman for the Sindh Ministry of Health said that on May 22, a PIA plane crashed in Karachi, killing nearly 100 people on board, at least 97 people were killed and dozens were injured.

The PIA aircraft nearly landed when it fell between houses, causing an explosion and killing several people on the ground.

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