Philippines imposes partial ban on sending domestic help to Kuwait 1

Philippines imposes partial ban on sending domestic help to Kuwait


Manila: The Philippines announced on Thursday that it would stop sending domestic help to Kuwait after a Gulf population died in the hands of the wife of his employer.

Allegedly Jeanelyn Padernal Villavende from South Cotabato was injured and died after being taken to hospital by a male employer. “I will issue a directive stipulating that the deployment will be partially prohibited, which means that we will not deploy new workers during this period,” said Labor Minister Silvestre Bello III.

A statement from the Ministry of Labor and Employment said that part of the ban only applies to new workers who will be domestic help in Kuwait. It does not include skilled and returning employees or employees on holiday.

But Belo warned that the government could completely prohibit work if Willavendeen was not given justice.

“This should send a clear signal to the Kuwaiti authorities. If the right to Jeanelyn Villavende is not respected, part of the ban may evolve into a complete ban on deployment.”

He added that a preliminary report from the Kuwaiti Philippine overseas employment agency said, “Velawende was beaten to death and taken to the hospital. The attending nurse reported that she was” black and blue. “

The exact date of Willawind’s death has not been determined, pending the outcome of an autopsy.

Belo said that her female employer was now being held by the Kuwaiti authorities and that the local recruitment agency in Vilavend had not responded to her request for return months before the brutal death.

“We will also ask Villavind’s recruitment agency to explain their inactivity. She had already complained about abuse and underpayment in September. She has repeatedly asked to be repatriated to the agency, but they did nothing.” Belo he said.

The secretary said that Verawind’s local recruitment agency could be revoked. Labor officials said the last time Vilavende’s family could talk to her in October. The family called her on December 13, but the female boss answered the phone and said Villavende was busy.

Hans Leo Cacdac, director of the Welfare Office for Overseas Workers who went to South Cotabato to express her condolences, said her death and funeral expenses would be compensated. Her family will receive a living and provide educational grants to her youngest siblings.

The death of Velavende has fueled the anger of the Philippines, which signed a memorandum of understanding with Kuwait in 2018 to protect foreign workers in the Gulf States.

The presidential office condemned the death of Vilavend and said it is a clear violation of the agreement.

President-spokesman El Salvador Paleno said: “We believe that the Linlin tragedy signed the agreement signed in 2018 between our country and Kuwait, which is intended to protect and promote protection.” “We look forward to his resolution to provide legal assistance to the deceased and his family. “

After the tragic death of Joanna Demafelis, the Philippines introduced a complete deportation ban in 2018. The body of Joanna De Marfilis was found in a refrigerator in the employer’s apartment in Kuwait.

The death of Demafilis led to a diplomatic crisis between the Philippines and Kuwait that lasted for months.

Manila banned Filipino workers in the Gulf states, while Kuwait ordered the Philippine ambassador to leave the country and reminded him of his special envoy.

After signing an agreement to protect foreign employees, the difficult period is over. The Philippines has announced it will lift the introduction ban.

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