Govt forms fact finding committee to investigate petrol crisis

Petrol pumps closed in different areas of Karachi over lack of supply


Karachi: Due to the shortage of gasoline, gasoline pumps in different parts of Karachi have been shut down.

In a statement issued by all members of the Pakistan Petroleum Retailers Association Sameer Najmul Hussain, it is said that gasoline pumps around Karachi have been shut down due to exhaustion of gasoline stocks.

The member said that the fuel supply of oil marketing companies was affected and the government should immediately notice the crisis.

In reply, a statement issued by Pakistan State Oil (PSO) spokesperson said that continued supply of all petroleum products is being ensured and 6.5 million liters of petroleum products have been provided at retail outlets during the last three days.

He said that in the past few days, the observed data is 80% higher than the average daily sales. He assured PSO that the inventory of petroleum products was still satisfactory and that there would be no shortage of fuel.

The spokesman said that all gasoline pumps ensure a continuous supply of fuel, and PSO is purchasing oil in accordance with the quota of local refineries.

He further stated that according to the instructions of the Sindh Provincial Government, the petrol pump was turned off at 5 pm, and fuel was supplied from 8 am to 5 pm without interruption.

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