Pentagon: US soldiers injured in iran missile strike up to 64 1

Pentagon: US soldiers injured in iran missile strike up to 64


New figures released by the Pentagon show that the number of US troops injured this month in an Iranian missile strike in Iraq has increased to 64.

US President Donald Trump initially stated that no American was injured by a rocket shot on January 8 at an American soldier base in the western base of the country.

Democrats later accused Trump of underestimating the damage.

Pentagon spokesperson Colonel Thomas Campbell said in a statement that mildly traumatic brain injury had been reported by US personnel.

The Pentagon said Wednesday that 50 soldiers were injured during an Iran attack on the base of Ian Assad. The last total is 14 of these numbers.

Iran fires on an Iraqi base stationed by US troops in retaliation for US drone attack, killing Iranian commander Qasem Soleimani of Baghdad, causing fear of war.

The Pentagon said that 39 of the people diagnosed with TBI have returned to their function and the rest have either been sent back to the United States, awaiting return to the United States or being evaluated.

At the time of the strike, most of the 1,500 American soldiers were at the base of Ain al-Asad in Bunker after prior warning from superiors.

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