PDM will keep attacking govt in every possible way: Asif Zardari

PDM will keep attacking govt in every possible way: Asif Zardari


LAHORE: Asif Ali Zardari, former president and co-chairman of the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP), emphasized the need to overthrow the government, said that the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) will continue to Possible ways to attack the government.

According to sources, the former president said during a telephone conversation with the general secretary of the Punjab government, Chaudhry Manzoor Ahmed. He clarified that PDM is united and there is no difference between opposition parties.

Asif Ali Zardari said that the incompetence of clumsy rulers could lead to major events in the country. PDM will gradually use all options to get rid of the government.

He said that next few months are very important for the future of national politics. The rulers will no longer be allowed to hide behind Coronavirus.

Government could not buy vaccine or help people during Coronavirus apart from the Benazir Income Support Program, he said.

The former president said that despite the global economic crisis of 2008, we increased exports, doubled the country s revenue, increased the salaries of employees by 125 percent and increased the pensions of government employees by 100 percent.

He said that the clumsy ruler has made all the country’s indicators negative today. I have already said that these selected rulers will be responsible for their own profits and losses.

Now they are down and need one last push. PPP will work with PDM to send the failed incompetent gangs home.

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