PDM announces public gathering in Karachi on Aug 29

PDM to stage power show in Karachi on August 29


Islamabad: In order to give tough time to the government, Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) – an 11 party opposition alliance – on Wednesday decided to take tougher stance on electronic voting machines.

PDM Chairman Moulana Fazlur Rehman said in an interview with the media in Islamabad on Wednesday that the government has failed in all aspects because the country is currently in a difficult period and Pakistan is isolated internationally.

The PDM chairman said that the government has broken records of inflation, unemployment and oppression, and even the last drop of blood has been sucked up by the cruel tax.

Fazl said that the country’s constitutional rules are currently paralyzed, the constitutional institutions have been suspended, and the most severe dictatorship restrictions have been imposed on the media.

The person in charge of JUI-F stated that the meeting of the PDM steering committee will be held in Islamabad on August 21, and the proposal will be finalized at the meeting.

He said that the United Opposition Alliance meeting will be held in Karachi on August 28. The PDM chairman also announced that the power show will be staged in Karachi on August 29.

Regarding the Afghan issue, he said that the Afghan issue should be resolved through dialogue between the hostile parties.

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