PDM held a flop show in Lahore: Shahbaz Gill

PDM held a flop show in Lahore: Shahbaz Gill


Islamabad: Special Assistant to Prime Minister for Political Communication Shahbaz Gill has said that 11 parties of Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) held a failed show in Lahore.

Shahbaz Gill, in a statement, said that the not only Lahore but the entire Punjab has rejected corrupt elements and despite planning of three months, 11 parties have failed to bring at least 1500 participants each in the rally. Yesterday’s circus was the first nail in the coffin of PDM, he added.

He further said that yesterday people of Lahore were insulted while the rented participants by Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) protested for not getting paid for attending the rally.

The Prime Minister’s aides said that the speeches of Maulana Fazal-ur-Rehman and Maryam Nawaz clearly showed the failure of PDM.

On the other hand, Maulana Fazlur Rehman, the head of PDM, announced the Long March in late January or early February and stated that the opposition will take over and resign during the Long March.

He said that this political struggle is for the free and democratic atmosphere in Pakistan. The future power will be in the hands of people, and the rigging system will not work properly.

Speaking at the Minar rally in Pakistan, he said the wound was deepening. The elements of anger and resentment are growing. We must live as a nation.

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