PDM agrees on 12-point 'Meesaq-e-Pakistan': Fazlur Rehman

PDM agrees on 12-point ‘Meesaq-e-Pakistan’: Fazlur Rehman


Pakistan Democratic Movement chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman on Tuesday announced that a 12-point agreement, the “Meesaq-e-Pakistan”, had been reached between members of the Opposition alliance.

Fazlur Rehman said at a press conference in Islamabad after the PDM leaders’ meeting that this fulfilled the promise of sharing the basic rules and goals of the 11-party anti-government movement.

The 12 points of the covenant were outlined as under:

1. Enforcement of and supremacy of the Constitution of Pakistan

2. Autonomy of the parliament

3. Elimination of the role of establishment and intelligence agencies from politics

4. Establishment of an independent judiciary

5. Reforms for free, independent and fair elections

6. Protection of basic human and democratic rights of the people

7. Protection of the rights of the provinces and the 18th constitutional Amendment

8. Effective local government system

9. Security of freedom of expression and media

10. Elimination of extremism and terrorism and the implementation of the National Action Plan

11. Emergency economic plan for an end to inflation, unemployment, and for poverty alleviation

12. Protection and implementation of the Islamic provisions of the Constitution.

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