Pakistani man killed by unknown assailants in Germany's Stuttgart: Dr Faisal

Pakistani man killed by unknown assailants in Germany’s Stuttgart: Dr Faisal


Germany: Pakistan’s Ambassador to Germany, Dr. Mohamed Faisal, announced on Wednesday that a Pakistani man was murdered by an unknown assailant in Stuttgart, Germany.

The ambassador wrote on Twitter that the deceased was a Pakistani national and was identified as Shahid Nawaz.

“In an unfortunate incident in Stuttgart, Mr Shahid Nawaz, a Pakistani, has been murdered by unknown assailant(s) on December 21,” he wrote.

Faisal added that the Stuttgart police are “actively investigating the case” and added that they are looking for the attacker.

The ambassador also said that he had sent the Consul General in Frankfurt to Stuttgart to meet with the family of the deceased and ensure all possible assistance.

“He [the CG] will also meet the police,” the ambassador added. “We extend our heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family.”

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