Pakistan should be invited to Climate Change Summit: US Congressman

Pakistan should be invited to Climate Change Summit: US Congressman


Washington: US Congressman Ted W Lieu said on Tuesday that Pakistan should be invited to the climate change summit.

In his letter to US Special Presidential Envoy for Climate, John Kerry, Ted Lieu said: “It has been brought to my attention that Pakistan is not among the 40 nations whose leaders were invited to the heads of state and government session at the Summit. I request that Pakistan be included in the heads of state session.”

From a climate perspective, it is unreasonable that Pakistan is not on the list of 40 countries. First of all, two important neighbors, India and Bangladesh, were invited to participate. Second, according to the Global Climate Risk Index, Pakistan is ranked as the fifth most vulnerable country to climate change in the world, which makes it uniquely affected by climate policy.

Pakistan has a larger population than all countries except the five countries invited to participate in the event. According to the situation of the invited countries, some countries have more carbon emissions than Pakistan, while others have less carbon emissions than Pakistan. Ted W Lieu wrote in the letter that there does not seem to be any reasonable environmental standards that would cause Pakistan to be excluded from the 40 invited countries.

“With a population of 216 million and growing economy, Pakistan is central to regional and global efforts to deal with climate change, I encourage to review the criteria for the list of nations invited and to consider including Pakistan,” Ted Lieu said.

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