Pakistan reports 1102 coronavirus cases 1

Pakistan reports 1102 coronavirus cases


Lahore: Pakistan reported eight new coronavirus deaths on Thursday, the total number increased to 1,102, as 417 patients tested positive in Sindh, 131 in Baluchistan, 323 in Punjab, Khyber – 121 cases in Pakhtunkhwa province, 84 cases. Gilgit-Baltistan, 25 people from Islamabad and Azad Kashmir.

According to the details, the total number of recovered patients is 21.

We must be fully prepared before curfew: Prime Minister Imran

Prime Minister Imran Khan said that we must fully prepare for a curfew in the country to avoid the deadly coronavirus.

During a video link meeting of parliamentary leaders, the prime minister said that due to a lack of resources, we cannot provide people with food. He added that decisions made in fear and anxiety will never prove to be correct.

Prime Minister Imran called on all Pakistani party leaders and people to fight the corona virus. He claimed that a volunteer program would be announced shortly.

Federal, provincial governments are taking tough measures to contain the coronavirus

The federal and all provincial governments have stepped up measures to stem the coronavirus outbreak in the country.

Partial blockades are spreading across the country, and security personnel are performing their duties for the safety of people.

Prime Minister Imran announces an economic plan of 200 billion rupees and cuts gasoline prices by 15 rupees

To provide economic relief to those who suffered during the coronavirus outbreak, Prime Minister Imran Khan announced a significant cut in fuel prices and provided the poor with a package of Rs 200.

Speaking to senior media sources in Islamabad, he said the government would help the poor in difficult times, adding that the country gave the impression of a blockade.

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