Pakistan Navy Day being observed today

Pakistan Navy Day being observed today


Islamabad: Pakistan Navy Day is being observed today (Tuesday) to pay tributes to the Ghazis and war heroes of 1965 war whose sacrifices and gallant acts instill a renewed spirit in nation.

The Chief of Naval Staff, Admiral Zafar Mahmood Abbasi, said in his speech that September 8th is the Navy Day celebrated by the Pakistani Navy every year in recognition of the sacrifice and spirit of our naval heroes who demonstrated courage, courage and bravery in 1965. war.

It said that September 8th reminded us of the heroic deeds and daring achievements of our Ghaz and Shuhada, who bravely believed in God and believed in themselves, and fought bravely and humbled the greater enemy. This day marks a golden chapter in our rich naval history and reignites hope and pride for our new generation.

On the night of 7/8 September 1965, a Flotilla comprising seven ships of Pakistan Navy, in a daring operation code named ‘SOMNATH’, bombarded Indian port of Dwarka. The swift and accurate action not only destroyed important shore installations which included Indian radar station and a radio beacon directing Indian Air Force Bombers for attacks on Karachi, but also inflicted irreparable damage to the Indian pride.

PN’s single submarine Ghazi (Ghazi) occupies a dominant position and remained unchallenged at sea throughout the war. Her ominous move near the Indian port caused the Indian naval ships, including her aircraft carrier, to be surrounded in the port, preventing it from playing any role or affecting the course of the war.

Today, PN is considered a powerful naval force in the region. It is an important partner of the international navy in the maritime security cooperation plan, and it has also launched its own Regional Maritime Security Patrol Plan (RMSP) to provide a safe maritime environment for the global common interest.

With the realization of the CPEC project, PN has taken on more and more responsibilities and roles in the success of this nationally important project. As a key element of CPEC, the security of Gwadar Port and its surroundings has received special attention. The Navy is fully capable and vigilant in defending the country’s maritime interests.

PN has also taken the lead in taking various measures to match the government’s renewed attention to the maritime sector and its decision to declare 2020 as the “Blue Economic Year”, thereby starting Pakistan’s blue economy.

PN has undertaken a major development in cooperation with the China Geological Survey (CGS), China’s leading offshore marine scientific research organization, which is promoting complete and systematic geological surveys within Pakistan’s Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) for mapping and exploration Offshore oil and gas resources. So far, CGS Ships has conducted two exploration surveys, and initial results are encouraging, indicating that there are various geological features related to oil and gas reservoirs.​​​ The third joint expedition with CGS is planned in 2021. In addition to its core mission of national maritime defense, PN is also committed to developing the maritime industry and bringing the blue economy to the country.

When we commemorate the spirit of Naval Day, all sections of the Pakistan Navy reiterated their solidarity with the Kashmiris and condemned the flagrant annexation of India’s illegal occupation of Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK). According to the wishes of the Kashmir people and the relevant UN Security Council resolutions, Pakistan will continue to support the Kashmiris in their just struggle until the Kashmir issue is resolved.

The statement said that today, Pakistani naval officers once again resolute their determination and determination to stand firm in any adversity, defend our beloved motherland, and defend our last drop of blood and last drop of blood.

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