Pakistan condemns barbaric act of snatching of mortal remains of Syed Ali Gillani

Pakistan extends condolences to Iraq on loss of lives in Iraq hospital incident


Islamabad: In Iraq, eighty- two people have died and one hundred ten injured in a catastrophic fire at the intensive care unit of a Baghdad hospital.

According to the initial report, the incident occurred when an oxygen cylinder in a hospital ward exploded and caused the death of a severe coronavirus patient.

The Ministry of Health said that the ambulance transported dozens of injured people and rescued at least two hundred people from the scene.

In a tweet today (Sunday), the spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Zahid Hafiz Chowdhury expressed to the Iraqi government and fraternal people about the precious lives lost in the Ibn Khatib Hospital in Baghdad Mourn.

He said that our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families.

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