Pakistan condemns Houthi attack on Saudi Arabia

Pakistan condemns Houthi attack on Saudi Arabia


Pakistan on Friday condemned Houthi’s ballistic missiles and the drone attack on Jazan, Saudi Arabia from April 14-15.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement: “It is commendable that the Saudi army successfully intercepted and destroyed all projectiles.”

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs pointed out that attacks that caused fear and terror should be condemned.

Pakistan reaffirms its full support and solidarity with the brotherly Kingdom of Saudi Arabia so as not to pose any threat to its security and territorial integrity.

Yemen’s Houthis said on Thursday that it used drones and missiles to attack targets in the southern Saudi city of Jazan, including Aramco, a state-owned oil giant that caused a fire in the state.

A spokesman for the Houthi military said that Saudi Arabia has not confirmed that there has been a fire, nor has it hit the Patriot’s anti-missile structure.

However, the Saudi-led coalition operating in Husseis, Yemen, said that it intercepted four drones and five ballistic missiles. Limited the fire and put it under control.

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