Pakistan a wonderful country for cricket: Joe Root

Pakistan a wonderful country for cricket: Joe Root


Karachi: England’s test captain Joe Root said he would love to visit Pakistan for a cricket match. Previously, former Pakistan captain Wasim Akram said that despite the coronavirus pandemic, England must also visit Pakistan in return for Azar. The ongoing visit by Ali and his men.

The Pakistan cricket team is currently on tour in England. Under unusual circumstances, it has conducted three tests and three T20I matches. The players are in a biosafety environment and the matches are played after closing.

Root said in an online match that the second of the three matches ended in the draw on Monday.

“I really want to visit Pakistan,” the reporter asked the British captain about his thoughts on visiting the country.

“This is a good opportunity to go there in person. Unfortunately, this is not my decision, but Pakistan is a good country for playing cricket. The wicket also looks very flat, which will be good for us just playing here. A nice change in the game,” he said.

Due to security considerations, England has not visited Pakistan since 2005. Since then, both countries have played Pakistan’s home games in the UAE’s neutral pavilion.

They are now scheduled to tour Pakistan in 2022, but the Pakistan Cricket Committee hopes that they will participate in a series of short tours before the scheduled Pakistan tour.

Pakistan conducted the first test in a decade on its home soil in December last year to commemorate the return of a complete cricket home, and PCB is now confident of hosting all series in all venues in the future.

“Last year, when the test cricket was there, you can see the aftertaste of Pakistan. I am also talking to some players what it means to them. They are also very grateful for being able to play in Pakistan.” Root said of the test board The return of the ball in Pakistan.

He said: “However, due to COVID, such a busy schedule has been backlogged, so it is interesting to see how it works,” he said.

The England captain also talked about the delays and wasted time caused by poor lighting rules in the second test held in Southampton, and said that consideration should be given to the long delays that led to the draw between England and Pakistan in the second test. The nature of the condition. At ICC.

“This week we found ourselves in a very strange position, mainly caused by bad light. I think I have never seen a game like this so affected by bad light, which is very frustrating. The ground crew did their best. Thankfully, we had some cricket matches today. I really think it’s hard to blame the referees here. I think this is a bigger issue and needs to be taken from a higher perspective.” Root said .

“Maybe there must be a minimum standard floodlight and a lighter red ball instead of a darker Dukes ball for the game. However, before the ICC changes these conditions, the referee must follow the rules before them as a player , We must do it the way we were told.” He added.

He also suggested that it is possible to make up for the excess time as early as 11 am.

“You don’t have to start at 10:30 every morning, but maybe you need stoppage time, you need to pay attention to this throughout the game, so light is not a big issue. I think it’s possible. Maybe something to look at.

However, he is not sure whether it will be possible during the third test (with similar weather forecasts) in Pakistan and England at the same location.

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