Over 3.5 million coronavirus cases in Lahore, PMA claims

Over 3.5 million coronavirus cases in Lahore, PMA claims


Lahore: Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) officials claim that Lahore has more than 3.5 million coronavirus patients, while Punjab has more than 20 million people infected with the disease.

Officials said at a news conference in Lahore that 35 first-line doctors are suffering from coronavirus and three young doctors are in critical condition, but the government has not removed the blindfold. After a week of service with coronavirus patients, officials requested 15 days of quarantine for doctors.

PMA also said that at least one person in each household was tested as deadly. Officials further added that there are relatively few cases in Pakistan due to poor testing capabilities.

Officials claimed that the PMA center had notified the government on January 22 that a destructive coronavirus might occur in the country, but the authorities failed to take any effective measures to solve the problem and lifted the blockade when it was most needed.

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