Over 20,000 tonnes sludge removed from Karachi's choked waterways

Over 20,000 tonnes sludge removed from Karachi’s choked waterways


Islamabad: A spokesperson for the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) said that due to continuous dredging and dredging operations of open channels in the metropolis for three consecutive days, more than 20,000 tons of sewage have been removed from three stormwater channels in Karachi so far. mud. He said in a statement that 10,000 tons of solid waste were lifted from storm drains a few days ago.

So far, the Border Engineering Organization (FWO) has cleared 35 obstructions out of a total of 42, which hindered the smooth flow of water in the three main open channels.

So far, FWO has cleaned the waterways of Gujjar Nullah, 85% of Korangi and 75% of Moach Goth by removing rubbish. .

FWO’s mission is to complete the cleaning of the three mullahs by August 8.

Chairman NDMA Lieutenant General Muhammad Afzal maintains close contact with FWO and others.

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