Oil prices in Pakistan still lowest in region: Fawad Ch

Opposition is confused on every matter: Fawad Ch


Islamabad: Information and Broadcasting Minister Fawad Chaudhry said on Thursday that the opposition is confused about everything.

In a post on the social networking site Twitter, the minister stated that on the one hand, the opposition parties are planning to protest the upcoming budget; on the other hand, they are participating in budget meetings.

He added that if the opposition fulfills its constitutional duties, including electoral reform, it will be welcomed.

Earlier, Fawad Chowdhury said that Pakistan’s success in fighting the coronavirus pandemic has surprised the world.

He said that all regional countries, including India, are facing the problem of dealing with the rising number of fatal virus cases, but except for Karachi, the positive rate in all regions of Pakistan has fallen below 4%.

The minister further reiterated that the government will provide relief to the salaried class in the upcoming budget, and said that the country’s inflation has increased, but the public’s purchasing power is also increasing.

Fawad Chowdhury also expressed the hope that Pakistan, under the leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan, will be closer to its destination in the next two years.

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