Opposition gained nothing but embarrassment: Punjab CM

Opposition gained nothing but embarrassment: Punjab CM


LAHORE : The Chief Minister of Punjab, Sardar Usman Buzdar, said that the sentiment of the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) has subsided, and the opposition has achieved nothing except embarrassment and humiliation.

In a statement issued on Sunday, the Republican Party stated that deception and false politics will not last long, adding that the unnatural coalition of opposition parties is rapidly moving towards logical goals. He added that these factors completely ignore the national interest, while the people reject all those who interrupt the development journey.

The CCP regrets that the opposition has tried to obstruct the development process on any occasion, adding that despite the difficulties, the government will continue to move forward. He added that when the PDM reaches its logical goal, the country will never forget the irresponsible actions of the opposition.

The unnatural association of 11 heterogeneous parties could not last even for 11 months, he said.

The PDM should reconsider its negative behaviour as it lacks perspicacity and statesmanship, he said. The opposition has no regard for public lives as it was following a dual policy, he deplored.

Usman Buzdar maintained the PDM would continue to face defeats as looters have no significance before the immaculate character and statesmanship of Imran Khan who will move the country forward.

CM announced that it would continue to develop politics and added that PDM’s resignation politics has been exposed. He suggested that the opposition rest until 2023, because all the people’s conspiracy against the PTI government has been thwarted.

CM concluded that with people’s complete trust in the leadership of BJP Prime Minister Imran Khan, the opposition’s negative strategies will not be tolerated in its development.

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