Opening of Kartarpur Corridor improves Pakistan's image 1

Opening of Kartarpur Corridor improves Pakistan’s image


PESHAWAR (APP) – Political, economic experts and civil society intelligentsia here Monday said opening of Kartarpur Corridor by Prime Minister Imran Khan has improved an image of Pakistan in comity of nations.

Dr. Muhammad Naeem, professor of economics at Sbyby University, said Monday in an interview with APP: “The opening of the Kartarpur Corridor is a historic development and an important step in improving the bilateral relationship between Pakistan and India.”

He said this is a gift from Pakistan. The Sikh community living around the world will comfortably visit the sacred site of Kartarpur Gurdwara through the most advanced corridors and perform rituals according to their own beliefs. He said this will help promote harmony between the faith in the country.

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