Open malls, stop sealing shops: chief justice tells provinces

Open malls, stop sealing shops: chief justice tells provinces


If all markets have been opened, then it doesn’t make sense that shopping malls should still be close, said Chief Justice Gulzar Ahmed while hearing the suo motu case on the spread of the coronavirus.

The top judge directed all provinces to stop sealing shops over failure to follow SOPs. Explain to the shopkeepers why the SOPs are necessary rather than threatening him, he advised, adding that the authorities should not misbehave with them or ask for bribes. “Small traders may die of hunger if they aren’t allowed to open their shops.”

He said the store should also be open on Saturdays and Sundays, because this policy makes no sense. “Does the coronavirus tell the authorities that it only affects people on weekends?”

To this end, the Islamabad government said it would open all shopping centers in the city.

The Chief of General Staff of Sindh told the court that all stores were open except for shopping centers. Commissioner Karachi said that 70% of people go shopping in the mall on weekends.

The judge said that the door should not be closed because Eid Mubarak is coming, and many people want to wear new clothes during this period.

The Balochistan advocate-general said that there are no shopping malls in the province and all the shops are open there.

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