Official: Bombing in Kabul kills ten, including children

Official: Bombing in Kabul kills ten, including children


Kabul: The Ministry of the Interior said that a bomb attack in the Afghan capital on Saturday killed at least ten people and injured eight people including school children.

The explosion occurred outside an education center in Kabul. Tariq Arian, a spokesperson for the Ministry of the Interior, did not immediately provide more details about the explosion.

No organization immediately claimed the attack.

Violence between the Taliban and the Afghan army has surged, even though representatives of the warring parties began peace talks in Doha to end the decades-long war in Afghanistan.

The United States signed a peace agreement with the Taliban in February, which opened the way for the withdrawal of American troops from the conflict.
A local official said that early Saturday, a roadside bomb hit a minivan full of civilians, killing nine people in eastern Afghanistan.

Ahmad Khan Sirat, a spokesman for the Ghazni Provincial Police, said that the second roadside bomb hit two vehicles that were leading to the victims of the first explosion and killed them. Two police officers.
Sirat added that the bombing also injured several other people, and the attack is under investigation.

No one immediately claimed responsibility for the attack. A provincial police spokesperson claimed that the Taliban had planted a bomb.

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