Occupied Kashmir to become part of Pakistan: Sh Rasheed 1

Occupied Kashmir to become part of Pakistan: Sh Rasheed


Rawalpindi: Federal Railways Minister Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed said on Wednesday that occupied Kashmir will be part of Pakistan, since the Kashmir issue has not yet been resolved.

“We do not want war but if it is imposed, every Pakistani will fight till last breath.” Sheikh Rashid said this while addressing Public meeting held here at Lal Haveli.

He said in his speech that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is jeopardizing peace and security in South Asia and that any unfortunate incident in the occupied army in occupied Kashmir will be thwarted by extreme reactions.

He believes that the conflict in Kashmir is the flash point of war in the region and that peace in South Asia is related to the friendly resolution of the dispute in accordance with UN resolutions.

He added that the aggression of India could never suppress the struggle for freedom of the occupied Kashmir population, and added that the current inhuman brutality of the Indian army to exercise the true face of India was exposed to the international community.

He said the people of Pakistan will continue to support Kashmir Muslims until they have the right to self-determination in accordance with a UN resolution.

He said that the sacrifice of the Kashmir people would not be wasted.

He urged the international community to play a role in resolving the long-term dispute in Kashmir. The minister expressed optimism that under the leadership of Indian Prime Minister Imran Khan the occupied Chamu and Kashmir would be free in India.

In addition to the heroic forces, the entire country is still standing. Later a rally led by Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed was held to express solidarity with the people of Kashmir who passed through Raja Bazzar and finally arrived Lal Haveli.

Participants made slogans against the government of India and the people of Kashmir.

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