Number of coronavirus patients rises to 2039 in Pakistan 1

Number of coronavirus patients rises to 2039 in Pakistan


Islamabad: Pakistan has witnessed a sudden increase in deaths from the new coronavirus COVID-19, as another man died and 26 people died across the country.

According to detailed information, the number of confirmed coronavirus infections in the country will rise to 2039. So far, 82 patients have recovered.

676 cases were positive in Sindh, 158 in Baloch, 708 in Punjab, 253 in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, 184 in Gilgit-Balstan, 54 in Islamabad and Azar The Dekashmir epidemic is positive.

100 negative patients checked out from different AJK hospitals

On Tuesday, state health agencies in AJK had registered a total of 239 suspected coronaviruses. All 239 suspects were tested, 106 of whom received results.

After their results were declared negative, 100 of them were fired. The other six positives prevail in the quarantine area of ​​each part of the AJK.

Minister of Foreign Affairs: Only the government cannot deal with the enormous challenges of the corona virus

Foreign Minister Makhdoom Shah Mahmood Qureshi said the country needs to unite and respond to the crisis because the government alone cannot afford the enormous challenge of the corona virus.

Shah Mehmood said in an interview with Multan that the world has never faced such a challenge before every country has been affected. He said that with the measures taken by the government, the country will enable Inshara to successfully defeat the virus.

He stressed the importance of government-government cooperation during this critical period. He said the government is evaluating how to provide rations to 2.5 million households.

City of Lewind has been completely blocked due to increased concerns about the corona virus

In light of concerns over the country’s coronavirus, the County Council decided to completely block Rowand.

All supermarkets and shops in Lewind are closed. Assistant Commissioner Adnan Rashid said action had been taken to prevent the spread of the coronavirus in the area. Initially, this complete exclusion is valid for three days.

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