Number of coronavirus intensive care patients in Italy drops for first time 1

Number of coronavirus intensive care patients in Italy drops for first time


Milan: Italy reported the lowest daily increase in COVID-19 deaths in the past two weeks on Saturday, saying the number of intensive care patients fell for the first time.

Officials urged the country not to underestimate the strict blocking measures that they said started to produce results, although new cases rose 4,805 on Saturday, slightly more than the recent daily increase.

Since the outbreak of a new coronavirus in Northern Italy on February 21, the United States Department of Defense has reported 681 deaths, bringing the total number of deaths to 15,632, the lowest daily death toll since March 23.

The total number of confirmed cases rose from 119,827 last Friday to 124,632, but the number of patients in the intensive care unit decreased for the first time with 3,994 patients treated, down from 74 from 4,068 last Friday.

Angelo Borelli, the head of the civil protection department, said in a regular daily briefing, “This is an important news item because it allows our hospital to breathe.” He declared the world’s deadliest daily outbreak of illness.

Italian officials have been saying for several days that the overall steady increase in the number of cases shows that the epidemic has reached a stable state and that if strict closure measures are taken, the number of cases will decrease.

As Easter approaches, video tapes are circulating on social media of groups walking in cities like Naples, Rome and Milan, and there are signs that progress is making more people laugh at the rules.

Domenico Arcuri, commissioner for special coronavirus of the government, said: “Some images are spread on social media, indicating that some people’s behavior is relaxed – fortunately only a few people – should not be regretted.” Emergency, for example.

He said, “We can’t imagine having returned to the moment of the norm.”

The Lombard government in the northern part of the crisis center has registered more than 49,000 cases, filed a similar request, and issued a directive ordering people to cover their mouth and nose when they go out.

Italy remains one of the countries most affected by the new coronavirus, accounting for nearly a quarter of global deaths from COVID-19 (a highly contagious disease related to the virus).

However, as more and more European countries report their own serious outbreaks, this situation is no longer an anomaly.

As the number of cases in Italy is decreasing, there is increasing discussion on how to finally lift the blockade that has closed most businesses and hit the already fragile economy.

While the government is looking for ways to protect the economy, a senior official said he plans to extend his powers to protect large companies from overseas acquisitions.

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