North Korea says Trump offered virus cooperation in letter to Kim 1

North Korea says Trump offered virus cooperation in letter to Kim


Washington: North Korea welcomed a letter from US President Donald Trump to North Korean leader Kim Jong Un on Saturday saying that despite recent frictions, it was a sign of “special and strong personal relations” between the two leaders.

A senior Trump administration official confirmed Trump’s letter, saying “this is consistent with his efforts to engage world leaders during the pandemic.”

The official said the president wants to keep in touch with President Kim Jong Il.

Since Trump’s third summit with Kim Jong Il in June last year and a short walk to North Korea from the demilitarized South Korean zone, attempts by the U.S. President to renounce Pyongyang’s nuclear and missile programs have not progressed booked.

North Korea attempted to launch a series of rocket launches on the last day, including two apparent short-range missiles, in an effort to pressure the United States and its allies to lift economic sanctions.

North Korean state media KCNA stated that Kim received a letter from Trump saying the President of North Korea was impressed by his efforts to protect his people from the corona virus.

KCNA said in a statement by Sister Kim that Trump “expressed his intention to cooperate in the fight against the epidemic and said he was impressed by the President’s efforts to protect his people from the serious threat of the epidemic . ” It did not say when it received the letter.

The letter said that despite good interpersonal relations between the leaders of the two countries, “the relationship between the two countries will continue to deteriorate without offering justice and balance and without eliminating one-sided and greedy intentions.

The report comes after North Korea conducted a missile test on Saturday. The test fire prompted South Korea to push for immediate “inappropriate action” in the face of a global epidemic.

In another dispatch on Sunday, KCNA said it was a test of a new tactically-guided weapon overseen by Kim Jong Un.

KCNA said the test “clearly demonstrates the characteristics of different flight trajectories and descent angles, the accuracy of guided grenades and their strength.”

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