No surprises as Syria's Assad re-elected for 4th term

No surprises as Syria’s Assad re-elected for 4th term


Damascus: Bashar Al-Assh has been re-elected as the fourth term for the war-torn Syrian president. The official results showed on Thursday, despite the Western accusations that the polls are “neither freedom nor fair”.

This controversial vote expanded Assad’s control over power. This is the second vote since the beginning of a decade-long civil war that has caused more than 388,000 deaths, displacement and destruction The country’s infrastructure.

A congressional spokesperson announced on Thursday that Assad won 95.1% of the vote and defeated two almost unknown challengers.

Opposing him are the former Minister of State Abdallah Salloum Abdallah and Mahmud Merhi, the latter of the so-called “tolerated opposition” Members, long been considered by opposition leaders in exile as an extension of the regime.

On the eve of the election, the United States, Britain, France, Germany and Italy said that the polls were “neither free nor fair”, while the scattered opposition in Syria called it a “farce.”

But few people doubt that the training is a 55-year-old ophthalmologist who will be re-elected.

In the last multi-candidate poll in 2014, Assad won 88% of the vote.

Before Wednesday’s polls, huge election posters praising Assad sprung up in two-thirds of the country under his control.

Before the election results were announced, tens of thousands of Syrians gathered Thursday in various cities to celebrate, waving Syrian flags and carrying pictures of Assad, state media reported.

The festivities broke out after the election committee, quoted by local TV, said that “the ballot counting process has been completed in the majority of Syrian provinces”.

“Tens of thousands of people in Tartus province gathered at the city s seafront to celebrate” Assad s expected win, according to state news agency SANA.

Some danced and beat drums, footage broadcast by Syrian television showed.

Thousands of other Syrians rallied in the coastal city of Latakia and in Umayyad Square in the capital Damascus, which along with Tartus and Latakia are bastions of the regime.

Celebrations were also underway in Aleppo and in Sweida, in Syria s south, where a crowd gathered in front of city hall, state media said.

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