No PDM leader condemned Ayaz Sadiq's statement: Shibli Faraz

No PDM leader condemned Ayaz Sadiq’s statement: Shibli Faraz


Islamabad: The Federal Minister of Information and Broadcasting, Senator Shibli Faraz stated that Ayaz Sadiq has not expressed regret for his speech, nor has he expressed regret for the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM). Any other leader condemned the statement of the former spokesperson of the National Assembly.

He said at today’s press conference that certain elements of the opposition party have opposed the state institutions to safeguard their vested interests. However; the government will not allow anyone to speak against national institutions and damage the image of the country.

The minister said that the anti-state statement made by former Speaker of the National Assembly, Ayaz Sadiq, provided an opportunity for the Indian media to launch propaganda against Pakistan.

He said that he will be responsible for the elements that endanger the country. In this regard, the choice of law is under consideration.

The minister said that PDM is following the statement that destabilizes the country. However, he said that the more sober elements in the opposition party disagreed with the statement of its leader, which was intended to incite instability in the country.

He said that the remarks against state institutions also caused public dissatisfaction.

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