PM urges haven countries to return all stolen assets

No country can progress with criminals in power: PM Imran


Islamabad: Prime Minister Imran Khan said that no country can make progress with criminals in the corridors of power, adding that repairing the country’s systems will take time.

The Prime Minister said at a ceremony in Islamabad that India is not ahead of us in any area and we must rely on our capabilities. We must get rid of inferiority complex. Allah Almighty has given Pakistan countless resources.

The Prime Minister said that unfortunately, when criminals come to power, no country can develop. We must repair the system of the country. People are used to the old system and it takes time to change the system.

He said that the word enlightenment was first heard in Musharraf’s time, and it was to please others. The Prime Minister said that Pakistan has nothing to do with 9/11. Pakistan made a mistake in participating in the wars of other countries. Now, we must move towards an independent Pakistan.

He said that during our tenure, the national debt increased by Rs 11,000 billion, out of which Rs 6,000 billion was paid as interest on loans taken by the previous governments. The rise in the value of the dollar has added an additional Rs 3,000 billion to the debt burden. Due to Coronavirus, tax revenue and the value of rupee decreased against the dollar, he added.

Imran Khan said that biggest problem of Pakistan is water. Long-term plans are not made because of short-term thinking. Today, fifty years later, two big dams are being built in Pakistan. Unfortunately, elections were planned in the country but not dams, said PM.

He said previous governments signed the most expensive power generation agreements in the Subcontinent and ignored building dams to generate cheaper and clean-green energy. He said under these agreements, the government is compelled to spend billions of rupees as capacity payments to Independent Power Producers even if we do not have the need to buy electricity from them. He said these capacity payments will likely to reach 1,500 billion rupees in 2023.

Imran Khan said it was the Tehreek-e-Insaf government of Pakistan, which decided to build two dams in Pakistan after an interval of fifty years. He said that the Momand Dam is likely to be completed soon. He said the government will focus on hydropower to produce cheap electricity and overcome the harm of climate change.

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