Netflix takes on Tiktok with 'Fast Laughs' feature

Netflix takes on Tiktok with ‘Fast Laughs’ feature


Short videos seem to be a hot topic today. As applications such as TikTok gain tremendous popularity, other applications also contain similar features. Netflix is the latest company to do this, and calls its function “Quick Laugh”.

Fast Laughs are short videos that are displayed vertically and in full-screen, but unlike TikTok videos that are created by users, these are excerpts from popular shows such as the animated series, Big Mouth, and the popular TV series, Friends.

The interface is similar to that of TikTok, so users who are familiar with the latter should find it easy to use. Swiping vertically will take you to the next video or the previous one. There are also engagement buttons on the right side of the screen.

The purpose of Fast Laughs is to help users find new shows they can watch. However, people who have watched these programs will like the laughter or scenes brought by their favorite programs.

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