Nawaz, Shehbaz submit a written commitment in LHC about return to Pakistan after treatment 1

Nawaz, Shehbaz submit a written commitment in LHC about return to Pakistan after treatment


LAHORE: Former premier Nawaz Sharif and his brother Shehbaz Sharif on Saturday submitted a draft of their written undertaking in the Lahore High Court (LHC) relating to their claim that Nawaz Sharif would return back to the country after having his medical treatment completed abroad. The hearing has been adjourned until 2.30pm.

Earlier today, the court heard a petition for the removal of the name of former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif from the Exit Control List (ECL) without additional conditions imposed by the federal government.

The court of two members of the Large Hadron Collider – consisting of Judge Ali Ali Baqir Najfi and Judge Sardar Naeem – will hold a hearing. Pakistani Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) President Shehbaz Sharif and other party leaders attended the court.

The court asked whether the government’s memorandum was issued on humanitarian grounds. The Large Hadron Collider asked Sharif’s lawyer whether his client was willing to file damages and then allowed him to submit a request to the PML-N Supreme Court before he informed the court.

Federal lawyers insist that the state be aware of Sharif’s serious health and allow him to remove his name from the no-fly list on the terms of the down payment. The lawyer added: “If the former prime minister did not want to submit the collateral to the government, he could present it to the court.”

He argued that the conditions for providing compensation guarantees were added to “satisfy the court”.

He insisted: “We have imposed conditions to uphold the court’s orders.” He added: “If the predecessor’s general ideal for treatment goes abroad, he can go abroad within the prescribed period.”

He said, “The court approved Nawaz Sharif’s eight-week bail. If Nawaz Sharif wants to go abroad for treatment, he can go, but first he has to satisfy the court.” If the court is satisfied, we are (the government There is no objection. ”

The bank asked whether PML-N President Shepard, who was present at the hearing, would be prepared to guarantee the return of Nawaz. In this regard, Shibaz said, “Nawaz Sharif will return after treatment.”

The court asked Sheikh: “What role do you play when he brings him back to the motherland?” To this end he said: “I am going with him too.”

In the defense of his court, the lawyer of Sharif stated that his client had returned to the country when he left the sick woman (in the UK) and that he had never violated the court’s instructions.

He added: “Nawaz Sharif made three appeals when he left the country, and he always believed that the law was the highest.”

He continued: “Nawaz Sharif appeared in court according to the order.” He recalled that according to the order of the Supreme Court of Pakistan (SCP), the National Accountability Office (NAB) had filed a lawsuit against Sharif. .

He said: “When submitting the reference materials, Nawaz Sharif is abroad.” He added that his judgment and fine have been suspended by the court, and if the case is before the court, the government cannot intervene.

He insisted: “In the 18-month trial, Nawaz Sharif appeared in court … he was sentenced to imprisonment in the Avenfield Reference. I am prepared to guarantee Nawaz Sharif. (Nawaz Sharif) will return after rehabilitation.”

Earlier Friday, the Large Hadron Collider rejected the position of the federal government on its jurisdiction and heard a petition to remove the name of Nawaz Sharif from the no-fly list.

“The well-informed Attorney General’s argument is that the condition mentioned in the note in question is based on a ruling by the Islamabad Controllable Court and challenged by the Islamabad High Court. Therefore, the court has no jurisdiction and has not given We are deeply impressed because the apple / federal government is not Punjab’s request to appeal and if the petitioner wishes to leave the territorial jurisdiction of the Court, this will not stop him, “It has already been said on the board.

The court said: “In this case, we believe that the court has the authority to handle the case at this stage.”

After announcing the verdict on the sustainability of the petition, the Supreme Court extended the case to Saturday (today).

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