Nawaz Sharif says voters 'rejected' PTI in cantonment elections

Nawaz Sharif says voters ‘rejected’ PTI in cantonment elections


London: Former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif stated that voters “rejected” PTI in the camp committee election in Pakistan on Sunday.

The former prime minister has been living in London since November 2019, and he is talking to a dozen Pakistani journalists in his son’s office near Hyde Park Corner. The meeting lasted for two hours, and reporters asked him about his relationship with the military, his return to Pakistan, the frictions within PML-N, the situation in Afghanistan, and the camp committee election.

PML-N supremo said he had “no problem” with the establishment of Pakistan, and his struggle focused on the supremacy of the constitution and democracy.

Sharif said he has been put in jail on several occasions on “fake and concocted charges” in order to punish him for the stance he has taken for democracy in Pakistan. “I have no fight with the establishment or anyone, and there never will be (such a fight). I want respect for the democratic mandate of the people’s elected representatives, no interference in the functioning of the government and supremacy of the parliament and the Constitution.”

The PML-N supremo said he will be returning to Pakistan once cleared by his doctors. He said he was getting treatment in London and will be returning to Pakistan “at the right time” without fearing the consequences.

“I didn’t care for jails and sufferings when my wife was dying in London and I went to jail with my daughter, from London, in a fake case which was made to oust me from power to rig the 2018 elections. Those who ask if I am scared of jails should know that jails are nothing new for me: I spent months in Landhi jail and was tortured in a fake hijacking case. Pervez Musharraf imprisoned me in a fort but I didn’t compromise on my stance, didn’t withdraw from my principled position. I stood by my stance and this stance has to win. It will win Inshallah. ”

Regarding the recent camp committee elections, he said that he is grateful to Allah, his party candidates swept Punjab, but claimed that these elections were “rigged” and that government agencies were used to support PTI candidates. “Pakistan is suffering because of the government’s policies. I want to know who can vote for such a party that has caused so much suffering to the people. We have been proven correct in these elections.”

Sharif told reporters that he was disqualified for life by the Supreme Court judges — many of whom are now retired — for not taking a salary from his son, but their “double standards have been exposed”. 

“Judge Arshed Malik, before his death, said that he was blackmailed to convict me and Justice Shaukat Siddiqui told the Supreme Court of Pakistan how was put under pressure to victimise me and Maryam before 2018 elections. 

“This is justice?” he asked.

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