National economy will improve in 2020: Asad Umar


Islamabad: Asad Umar, minister of Federal Planning Development and Special Planning, said the national economy will improve in 2020 and inflation will be reduced this year.

He said that since the government will allocate more budget in this regard, it will develop rapidly.

He said the government is also taking steps this year to lower interest rates and increase investment through cooperation between the public and private sectors of the country.

The minister said the federal government would launch large-scale projects in Karachi with the help of the private sector.

In answering the question, he said that water, transportation, sewage treatment and sanitation systems are the most important issues for the people of Karachi, and the federal government is taking action to address them.

He said the government would help people with the help of parties such as the Muthida Quami movement and the Pakistani People’s Party.
Large cities without discrimination.

Asad Umar has assured that the federal government is ready to fully support the provincial government of Sindh for development projects throughout the province.

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