Nation observes Air Force Day with traditional zeal

Nation observes Air Force Day with traditional zeal


Lahore: Today (September 7), people all over the country warmly celebrate the Air Force Remembrance Day to commemorate the cleverness and bravery of the defenders of the country’s airspace in the September 1965 war.

In the 1965 war, the brave Pakistani pilots, despite their limited resources, not only annihilated India’s air aggression, but also caused a humiliating defeat to India through unprecedented combat skills and insurmountable courage.

The PAF ace Muhammad Mahmood Alam, commonly known as M.M.Alam, shot down five Indian Air Force Hawker Hunter Mk. 56 fighters in less than a minute. 

The PAF attacked Indian airbases in Pathankot, Adampur and Halwara on September 6 and destroyed 53 fighter jets of the enemy before 05:00 PM on September 7.

A contingent of the PAF today presented guard of honor at the tomb of Rashid Minhas – Pakistan’s only fighter pilot who was awarded the highest decoration of Nishan-e-Haider.

Southern Air Force Command Aviation Officer Ghulam Abbas Ghumman and Rashid Minhas’ brother Anjum Minhas laid a wreath on the tomb of the martyrs and prayed for him.

Rashid Minhas – only 20 – was decorated with Nishan-e-Haider for not letting his defector instructor, Flt Lt Matiur Rahman, fly to India with state secrets and an in-service air force official.

He chose to aim the aircraft’s nose at the ground and destroy it, at the expense of his own life for the sanctity and integrity of his country, in order to win the war against India in 1971. The leader of the coup, President Yahya Khan announced post-mortem decorations for Taoists.

Ghulam Abbas Ghumman said in his speech today: “The armed forces are ready to retaliate against any aggression. Pakistan’s history is full of such examples of sacrificing the lives of the motherland. PAF makes the country proud. .”

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