Nation observes 6th anniversary of APS Peshawar attack

Nation observes 6th anniversary of APS Peshawar attack


Islamabad: Pakistan is on Wednesday observing the sixth anniversary of the deadly attack on Army Public School (APS) Peshawar in 2014, which claimed the lives of nearly 150 people, mostly schoolchildren.

On Dec 16, 2014, six Taliban terrorists stormed the school and martyred nearly 150 people, including more than 130 schoolchildren. The deadliest attack in Pakistan’s history and the carnage prompted the government to declare an all-out war against terrorist outfits.

In the wake of the attack, military courts were set up for trying terrorists under amendments made to the Constitution and the Army Act. The Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) had claimed responsibility for the attack.The mastermind of the APS massacre, Umar Mansour, was killed in a drone strike in Afghanistan in 2017.

The Pakistani army said that all six militants involved in the attack had been executed. Park Jun issued a statement saying that the military court established shortly after the attack sentenced 310 militants to death and 56 have been executed so far.

Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi said today that the grief of the tragic and heartbreaking APS incident is still fresh. He said that this day will be remembered as the darkest day in Pakistan’s history, and the sacrifice of APS innocent children united the entire country.

Shah Mahmood Qureshi said that the country pays tribute to all APS martyrs, including innocent children, and is standing in the fight against terrorism in the Pakistani armed forces. He added that we will rest in peace only after the evil in this country is eliminated.

On Tuesday, wePunjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar said the nation would always remember the sacrifices of teachers and students of Army Public School (APS) Peshawar.

In his message, the CM said students wrote the history of a peaceful Pakistan with their precious blood. He said that the martyrs’ great sacrifices united the nation against the spate of terrorism and gave new courage to them.

Usman Buzdar said that the martyred children and their teachers were the heroes of the nation and Pakistan saluted their families.

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