NASA wants ideas for keeping Moon missions powered in the dark

NASA wants ideas for keeping Moon missions powered in the dark


If NASA is to exist on the moon for a long time, it will need to replace conventional solar power-in some cases, the moon night may last more than two weeks, and the agency is seeking help from the outside world. It has partnered with HeroX on the “Watts on the Moon” crowdsourcing challenge, and if you can create an energy solution for a lunar mission, it can provide a bonus of up to $5 million.

Leaders don’t even have to wait until the technology is approved before making a trip to the moon.

The three-stage challenge begins with the solution provided by the creator, which can advance the task through three activities. NASA judges will select up to three winners for each event and give them $100,000 each. Up to four runners-up will each receive $50,000.

Phase 2 will provide the winner with the task of developing a prototype, and will issue a prize of no more than US$4.5 million. If one or more companies enter the third phase, they will work with NASA to build hardware for “operational demonstrations” on the moon.

Individual participants only need to be U.S. citizens, while organizations mainly need to conduct business outside the U.S.

It is uncertain whether this will proceed as promised. However, NASA clearly has an incentive to explore crowdsourcing options. Although it is not necessarily necessary to prepare this technology for the first people to return to the moon (theoretically before 2024), if long-term missions and settlements cannot maintain momentum in the long darkness, this technology cannot Make more progress.

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