NAB resummons Rana Sanaullah in asset case on February 19 1

NAB resummons Rana Sanaullah in asset case on February 19


LAHORE: A joint investigation team from the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) has the task to interrogate Rana Sanaullah, a legislator for the Pakistani Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N), on February 19, out of property.

A source familiar with the case told the media Saturday that the former provincial legislator had been told to carry details about his family’s possessions.

In addition, Mr. Sanaullah was asked to clarify the status of the assets he submitted at the Lahore headquarters on January 2.

That day, a trilingual research team tested the PML-N leader and accused him of more assets than his income.

Later, in the same case, he was summoned again on February 3 and had to submit documents for the land and farm that he owned.

Mr. Sanaullah was also instructed to complete the same form that was needed for the asset assessment to clearly indicate whether his assets increased or decreased each year.

On the other hand, PML-N loyal federal drug minister Shehryar Afridi has asked to play the video in court, the last of which on the floor of the National Assembly claims to be in the drug case of the first. Blame him.

“If this is the case, the video tape must be submitted to the court in support of the minister’s request, adding that at the same time it claims that the Lahore High Court (LHC) has stated in its request for bail that” political revenge . “

PML-N leaders also condemned law enforcement agencies for refusing to allow media personnel to go to court and said they have the right to witness the trial.

He claims that the government was exposed during the investigation of the drug case against him and that he was wrongly involved at the request of the government.

“The message that Nawaz Sharif conveys to politicians and parliament is pretty prestigious,” he said. He outlined the message referring to the parliamentary approach.

The Lahore Supreme Court granted Mr. Sanaullah bail on December 24 following his arrest in a 15-kg heroin recovery case.

In the same case, Mr Sanaullah was released from camp prison on December 26 after his bail had been granted by the LHC.

The PML-N MNA was issued under the direction of an LHC judge by two secured bonds worth Rs.

In a written judgment, the LHC judge noted the reasons that forced him to approve the bail of the PML-N leader, and said after the arrest that the court hearing the suspect’s drug case had approved bail for the co-suspect, even Asked by a bail officer. Anti-Drug Force (ANF) before the Supreme Court.

On October 2, PML-N leaders filed a bail request with the Large Hadron Collider. However, the petition was withdrawn the following day to be submitted at a later stage. Earlier this month, Sanullah again requested bail from the LHC after his arrest.

On September 20, a special court for narcotics also rejected Sanaullah’s bail request and released five joint suspects. On November 9, CNS rejected another Sanaullah bail request.

The court also issued a message to investigators who wanted an answer to Rana Sanaullah’s request for a ministerial video.

On July 1, Sanaullah was arrested by ANF after he found a large number of contraband in vehicles near the Sukheke area of ​​Punjab. The following day he was imprisoned for judicial pre-trial detention by a magistrate.

Mr. Sanaullah, who is also chairman of the PML-N Punjab United, was arrested while his guards were traveling from Faisalabad to Lahore at a conference.

First information report (FIR) filed under Section 9 (C) of the Narcotics Control Act 1997, which provides for death or life imprisonment or imprisonment, 14 years imprisonment and Rs 1 million fine.

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