Myanmar troops kill four in gun battle with anti-junta militia

Myanmar troops kill four in gun battle with anti-junta militia


Yangon: Authorities said that Burmese soldiers used small arms and grenades to fight anti-junta militias in the country’s second city on Tuesday, killing four protesters and injuring several members of the security forces.

Since the coup in February, fierce fighting has broken out across Myanmar. People have formed a “defense force” to fight the brutal military suppression of dissidents, but the conflict is mainly limited to rural areas.

The military government information team said in a statement that security forces raided a house in the town of Chan Mya Tharsi in Mandalay on Tuesday morning and were attacked by light weapons and hand grenades.

The statement said that in the ensuing fighting, “some security personnel were seriously injured,” adding that four “terrorists” were killed and eight people were arrested for possessing homemade landmines, grenades and small weapons.

According to the local monitoring organization, the large-scale uprising against the military coup to overthrow Aung San Suu Kyi’s government was brutally suppressed, killing more than 870 civilians.

In addition to the rise of the local Self-Defense Forces, analysts believe that hundreds of anti-coup protesters from Burmese towns have traveled to areas controlled by the insurgents to receive military training.

But part-time fighters know that in any confrontation with the Burmese army, they have a great chance of winning-the Burmese army is one of the most tenacious and cruel troops in Southeast Asia.

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