Motorway Rape Case: Suspect Abid Malhi discloses details of how he evaded arrest for a month

Motorway Rape Case: Suspect Abid Malhi discloses details of how he evaded arrest for a month


Lahore: Abid Malhi, the main suspect in the Lahore highway rape case, scattered beans for nearly a month after hiding him with the police, until he was finally arrested on Monday night.

According to police sources, Malhi said that he spent a month wearing a public mask and traveling in various cities in Punjab by public transportation.

The suspect revealed that after raping the woman, he had fled to Nankana Sahib, while his accomplice Shafqat fled to Dipalpur.

Following the police’s trail, Malhi fled from Nankana Sahib to Bahawalpur, where he managed to evade the police again and put on a mask to avoid being recognized.

Highway rape incident: Lack of coordination between LEAs

The suspect was quoted as saying: “I took public transportation through various cities.”

After running out of money, he was eventually arrested and forced to contact his wife.

‘Flashing indicators caught our attention’

“Me, Shafqat and Bala Mistri went [to the highway] to commit robberies near Karol village,” Abid Malhi said in his statement to the police, according to sources. 

“Mistri did not proceed with us. However, Shafqat and I went towards the jungle in Karol.”

Malhi revealed that he and Shafqat robbed two to three truck drivers on the highway near Karol village before they met the trapped woman.

He said the flashing indicator of the car caught their attention, and when she saw a woman inside, Mary told her to come out.

He said that when the woman refused to get out of the car, he broke the window and dragged her outside.

“After robbing the woman of her watch, jewellery and money, we told her to go down the motorway,” he reportedly said. 

“When the woman refused to do so, we took her children off the motorway, and the woman followed to protect them.”

Malhi then revealed that the suspect raped the gang when the woman was getting off the highway to protect her child.

The suspect also revealed that when the Dolphin Police Force shot into the air, he and his accomplices had fled.

Using “scientific investigative methods” to arrest: the police

“A special investigation team led by Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIG) Shahzada Sultan worked day and night to crack the case,” the spokesperson said.

The spokesman said: “The special investigation team led by the Deputy Police Inspector Shahzada Sultan (Shahzada Sultan) worked day and night to solve the case.”

He said that Asim Itikha, the Director of the Crime Investigation Bureau, played a “key role” in arresting Mali, and the police were in Lahore, Faisalabad, Chakwal, Gujarat, Sialkot, Qatar. Sur, Nankana Sahib, Gujranwala and Bahavanagar conducted raids. Suspect of highway rape.

“Further investigation will proceed in light of the evidence and the law,” he said.

The spokesperson said that Chief Minister Punjab Usman Buzdar was forwarded a daily report on the matter ever since the tragedy took place. “Inspector-General Punjab Inam Ghani is grateful to the public and media for giving time [to authorities] to arrest the suspect,” the spokesperson said.

He added that CM Buzdar and IGP Punjab announced rewards for the special investigation team and CIA officials involved in the case.

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