Motorway incident: Police unable to arrest rapists on fourth day

Motorway incident: Police unable to arrest rapists on fourth day


In addition, the police were still unable to arrest the rapists involved in the highway accident that occurred on the fourth day (Saturday), but they are still closely monitoring 70 people with criminal records.

The police have decided to include the relatives of the victimized woman into the investigation along with the claimant. DNA tests will be conducted on all Karol Ghati residents because the samples of 15 arrested suspects did not match.

The investigation committee formed by Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar, Punjab Law Minister Raja Basharat and Punjab Inspector General of Police (IGP) Inam Ghani inspected the crime scene.

The authorities said the investigation was conducted according to the latest scientific methods and ensured that the criminals will be arrested soon.

CM Usman Buzdar (CM Usman Buzdar) CM said in a statement that this is a test case that will quickly come to a logical conclusion and that the perpetrators will be punished. CM instructed the authorities to inform him of the progress of the entire case.

On the other hand, police contacted the victim to record her statement but her family apologized from recording the statement citing that her health condition is not good at the moment. The focal person said it is understandable and agreed to record the statement later. 

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