Motorway gang rape case: Police arrest prime suspect's accomplice Bala Mistri

Motorway gang rape case: Police arrest prime suspect’s accomplice Bala Mistri


As per latest development in motorway gang rape incident, the security forces on Tuesday have arrested main suspect Abid Ali’s accomplice Iqbal alias Bala Mistri.

The police told Bala Mistri that he had received a call from Abid Ali and arrived at the crime scene, but he (Iqbal) returned halfway through the incident.

On the other hand, the suspect Shafqat has admitted to raping a woman in front of a child on the highway near Gujjarpura, and he will appear in court today.

Due to the inability to obtain the victim’s statement, the security personnel also faced difficulties in the case proceedings, and the raid was carried out to arrest the main suspect Abid as soon as possible.

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