Asian stocks swing as virus and unrest offset vaccine, stimulus

Most Asian markets extend rally as virus, stimulus optimism grows


Hong Kong: Most Asian markets were established in this Wednesday’s rebound, driven by the hopes of the United States to stimulate the economy and alleviate signs of viral infections and improved vaccination programs.

It seems that the retail trade disputes promoted by the turbulent social media on Wall Street last week are intensifying, and this also provides support.

After the stock market recovered from last week’s plunge, the rally lasted for two days, although they were suppressed by fears that valuations might still be somewhat frothy, while Hong Kong and Shanghai were hit as the central bank of China took in more cash from the financial markets To avoid bubbles.

Oil prices remained unchanged after reaching pre-pandemic highs on Tuesday, but the concern is that this improvement will give producers reasons to start increasing production again.

The US Senate, controlled by the Democrats, started the budget reconciliation process with 50 votes to 49 votes, which will enable them to promote Joe Biden’s huge economic rescue package and avoid most opposition parties that require 60 votes for legislation.

Although this move may mean that the new president will not be able to obtain the bipartisan agreement he requested, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said that a “bold package” is needed to avoid a post-Puerto Rico meeting. Long and long recovery. The financial crisis ten years ago.

He told reporters: “We will not dilute, tremble or delay, because the needs of the American people are too great.”

Biden’s move came after Biden held talks with 10 Republican lawmakers to discuss their $600 billion package. He omitted several measures in his $1.9 trillion proposal.

OANDA’s Edward Moya said: “We are still in the early stages of stimulating discussions, but it seems that some Democrats will eventually complete this agreement alone.”

He warned that raising the minimum wage is an important part of Biden’s plan, which will hit small businesses, but he added: “Ultimately, through a budget settlement, the economy will get at least one trillion dollars in stimulus.”

As the situation develops, data shows that the United States-the worst-hit country-infections and deaths appear to be relieving. Experts say this is because of better persistence in wearing masks and social distancing, and the end of the holidays.

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