Mohammad Yousuf slams PCB for appointing Misbah in dual role 1

Mohammad Yousuf slams PCB for appointing Misbah in dual role


Since former Pakistan captain Misbah-ul-Haq served as the head coach of Pakistan cricket matches, many former cricketers have publicly criticized the country’s board decision.

Now, the legendary cricketer Mohammad Yousuf also joined the league, and mocked the Pakistan Cricket Committee (PCB), they decided to continue to be Misba as head coach and selector.

The 45-year-old said that Misba did not even have club-level coaching experience, but the latter later became the coach of the Pakistani team. He said this showed the double standard of PCB.

“I don’t understand these double standards of the board. On the one hand, they are asking for all coaching qualifications, and yet they made Misbah head coach, although he had no prior experience of coaching even at club level,” Yousuf said in an interview as quoted by HT.

Yousuf opined that the Pakistan board mocked the merit when they went with Misbah who lacks coaching skills. The Lahore-born further added that since Misbah has no experience of teaching, the PCB made him the coach in Pakistan Super League (PSL) so that he could earn some knowledge of coaching, this is another mockery.

“Appointing Misbah, who has no coaching skills, was equivalent to making a mockery of merit. Another mockery was allowing him to coach in the PSL so that he could gain coaching experience,” added the veteran batsman.

Yousuf even questioned Misbah’s honesty and claimed that while he was a captain, he (Misbah) never allowed Azhar Ali to come into the ODI side.

“I saw a recent media interaction of Misbah, and he was talking about honesty and integrity and all that. Yet when he was captain he never allowed Azhar Ali to come into the one-day squad,” Yousuf added further.

Yousuf also rated Misbah as an average batsman and regarded Azhar as a better batsman in terms of skills and ability.

“In my view, Azhar was a better batsman skill-wise and in terms of ability. But because he had to play as an opener or one down and he took his time to settle down, Misbah didn’t want him because he himself took time to settle down and played slowly.”

“He had no skills. He had a one dimensional game. He played most of the time defensively and only took his chances when the spinners came on,” Yousuf concluded.

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