Modi cannot suppress Kashmiris courage: Mishal


ISLAMABAD: Mishaal Malik, wife of Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) leader Yaseen Malik condemning the Indian atrocities in occupied Kashmir on Tuesday that the curfew in Indian occupied Kashmir has uncovered the brutal face of Indian government.

Speaking with a private news channel, she said the occupier forced Kashmirs to starve because India wanted to keep its illegal control in the occupied valley.

She said that people in Jam and Kashmir had been besieged for more than four months and knew nothing about loved ones, because many of them had been wounded or destroyed by the Indian army.

“He will have to face the consequences of oppressive freedom,” she said.

She said children were starving and patients died in the valley as a curfew living paralyzed in the area.

Mishal said the hostages no longer had basic food, including water, and the Indian army launched a raid in the dark, dragging hungry people into the torture chamber and cruelly treating them to scare others.

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