Mishal Malik sees 2019 as the worst year in the history of Kashmir


Islamabad: Mishal Malik, wife of Hurriyat leader Yasin Malik, sees 2019 as the worst year in the history of Kashmir and the occupation of Kashmir by India is the worst faced Serious humanitarian crisis, strict curfew and disruption of all communications and illegal arrests.

She said it was time for the world powers to come forward and take appropriate measures to stop the atrocities of India in occupied Kashmir.

She added that including Syed Ali Gilani, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq, Muhammad Yasin Malik, Shah Almost all Hryat leaders, including Shabbir Ahmad Shah and Aasiya Andrabi, have been imprisoned or placed under house arrest.

Since then, the territory, especially the majority of Muslims in the valley of Kashmir and the Chamu region, is still under siege and blocked by the army and has been present for 151 days.

She said the New Delhi government was trying to change the demographics of occupied Kashmir, and added that India is planning to build cities for thousands of Hindus in areas with an Islamic majority.

Mishal Malik said that Indian troops have committed serious human rights violations in the occupied valleys, adding that all Kashmir leaders, including Yasin Malik, have been placed under house arrest.

She said the Indian government had left Yasin Malik in death row.

She added that the longest curfew in the world continued after Chamu and Kashmir (IOJK), occupied by India, were illegally suspended by their New Delhi authorities.

She said that since then the internet and telephone lines have been broken and innocent people in the occupied territories have no connection to the rest of the world.

She added that the population of Kashmir is monitoring the great powers of the world for the atrocities of India and is urging India to change its decision to abandon the special status of Jam and Kashmir and improve the situation in Kashmir in 2020.

She said that the toughest cold weather also contributed to the plight of people in the fall because they were unable to smash essential things in the winter.

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